Principal's Summer Holiday Challenge 2017-2018

Summer read

First Challenge

The first Challenge is READING. I wonder how many books you can read during the summer holidays. For each book you read please complete the reading log details in the Google form. Please use the link below or see the school website or Skoolbag. Reading log link -

Second Challenge

The second challenge for the holidays is to build or construct something. Some ideas might be......

  • Lego creation
  • Piece of furniture with mum or dad
  • Sandcastle at the beach
  • Cubby house
  • Card castle
  • Sculpture with modelling clay or found objects

When you have finished constructing take a photo and send it to

Don't forget to put your name in the subject

PLUS don't forget to enter the Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge. Enter via

Wishing you a wonderful summer holiday, happy reading and constructing.

Mr Jones