Year 6 bond at Camp Collaroy



On Wednesday 6th February, Year 6 set off to go to Camp Collaroy for two nights and three days. Camp Collaroy is a huge property, on Sydney’s Northern beaches that is used for school camps. This property is set close to Collaroy beach, which meant we could do some really fun activities there.

The activities that Year 6 participated in required everyone to step out of their comfort zones and to trust in themselves and their peers. The activities we did were: laser tag, archery, giant swing, rock climbing, flying fox, fun in the sun and games on the oval. These activities were incredibly fun and challenging but Year 6 did a great job in taking part.
On the last night of camp, all of Year 6, including the teachers, had to get ready to go on a walk that would take an hour and a half. The camp guides that were taking us on the walk explained the rules before we set off. We walked past shops, houses and the beach. When we reached the midpoint destination, we stopped and looked at the view. It was so magical. We were on top of a mountain which had a breathtaking view of the ocean. We could see all the way to the city in one direction and all the way to Gosford in the other. We stopped for a group photo before we began to walk back to camp. On the way back we needed our torches because it was starting to get dark. When we got back and up the giant hill, we all flopped onto  the grass and didn’t want to move because we were so tired!

We were all exhausted at the end of the camp and although we were grateful for the experience, we were super excited to go home. Camp Collaroy was the best camp ever!

Written by: Michael, Elizabeth and Matilda


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