Our Dedicated Staff

Whether teaching or in the office Our Lady of Mt Carmel Wentworthville staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

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Principal Miss Olimpia Pirovic
Assistant Principal Mrs Lauren Anderiesz
RE Coordinator Mrs Rita Haddad
Coordinator Mrs Elisa Speranza
Coordinator Miss Therese Coutinho

Stage Leaders

Early Stage 1 Mrs Elisa Speranza
Stage 1 Mrs Elisa Speranza
Stage 2 Mrs Rita Haddad
Stage 3 Miss Therese Coutinho


Administration Staff Mrs Vicky Penna
Mrs Maree Murphy

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Miss Isabella Breusch - Kindergarten Blue
Mrs Frances Orlando - Kindergarten Gold
Year 1 Miss Melissa Khoshaba & Mrs Suzy Kirby - Year 1 Blue
Miss Abigail Magtanong - Year 1 Gold
Year 2 Mrs Jennie Cerniauskas (Mon-Wed, Fri) & Mrs Sharon Taylor (Thus) - Year 2 Blue
Mrs Katie Carswell - Year 2 Gold
Year 3 Mrs Rita Haddad (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Stefanie Chehade (Thur & Fri) - Year 3 Blue
Miss Elise Thomas - Year 3 Gold
Year 4 Miss Deborah Osei-Adomako - Year 4 Blue
Mr Nicholas Jones (Mon & Fri) and Mrs Victoria Dikha (Tue- Thurs) - Year 4 Gold
Year 5 Miss Jessica Dooley - Year 5 Blue
Mrs Hilary Smith - Year 5 Gold
Year 6 Miss Olivia Cignarella - Year 6 Blue
Miss Therese Coutinho (Mon-Tues/ Thur-Fri) and Mrs Sharon Taylor (Wed) - Year 6 Gold

Support Staff

Librarian Mrs Lauren Anderiesz
Learning Technology To Be Confirmed
IT Assistant To Be Confirmed (Mon, Thur-Fri)
Diversity Team Mrs Lauren Anderiesz - Year 1
Mrs Elisa Speranza - Kindergarten o 3
Mrs Kathryn Noble (Mon-Thur) - Years 3 to 4
Ms Atalanti Klioris (Mon-Fri) - Years 3 to 6
Mrs Suzy Kirby (Mon-Fri) - Years 1 o 2
Miss Vivian Mikhael (Mon-Thur) - Years 5 to 6
School Counsellor Mrs Sara Kennedy (Mon - Wed odd weeks/ Tues - Wed even weeks)
Teacher Assistants Mrs Barbara Aboud (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Alyson Hanson (Mon-Fri)
Mrs Judi Cundy (Mon-Fri)
Mrs Diane Gauci (Tues-Fri)
Mrs Jo Martin (Tue-Fri)
Mrs Leah Leslie(Mon-Fri)
Reading Recovery Miss Melissa Khoshaba
Extending Mathematical Understanding Mrs Lauren Anderiesz(Year 1)
Mrs Elisa Speranza (Year 3)
Creative Arts (Music/Drama/Dance) Mrs Melissa Laus (Tues - Thurs)
Physical Education Mr Nicholas Jones (Tues - Thurs)
Maintenance Mr Jean Pace (Mon - Thurs)
Mr Milad Dib (Mon)
Canteen Mrs Faredah Moussa

Catholic Out of Hours Care

COSHC Coordinator Ms Teresa Atieh
0409 361 929
6:30am -10am & 2pm - 6:30pm