Our Dedicated Staff

Whether teaching or in the office Our Lady of Mt Carmel Wentworthville staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

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Principal Ms Olimpia Pirovic
Assistant Principal Mrs Lauren Anderiesz
RE Coordinator Miss Abigail Diaz (Acting Religious Education & Stage 2 Leader)
Coordinator Miss Deborah Osei-Adomako (Stage 3 Leader)
Coordinator Miss Therese Coutinho (ES1 & Stage 1 Leader)
Special Projects Mrs Katie Carswell


Early Stage 1 KB - Miss Melissa Khoshaba
KG - Mrs Jessica Toth
Stage 1 1B - Mrs Katie Carswell
1G - Mrs Frances Orlando
2B - Miss Penny Collyer (Mon-Thurs) & Mrs Sharon Taylor (Fri)
2G - Miss Therese Coutinho (Mon, Wed-Fri) & Mrs Sharon Taylor (Tue)
Stage 2 3B - Miss Jessica Dooley
3G - Miss Elise Stevenson (Mon-Wed, Fri) & Mrs D’Anne Worsley (Thurs)
4B - Mrs Abigail Diaz (3 days Mon-Wed) & Mrs Stefanie Chehade (2 days Thur-Fri)
4G - Miss Amarese Sharma
Stage 3 5B - Miss Mikayla Ozols
5G - Miss Natalie Touma
6B - Miss Deborah Osei-Adomako (Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri) & Mrs Rachel Paine (Wed)
6G - Mrs Kimberly Pearn (Wed-Fri) & Mrs Rachel Paine (Mon-Tue)


Finance Mrs Maree Murphy
Administration Mrs Vicky Penna
Business Manager Ms Margaret Grant (Wed)

Support Staff

LTST Miss Elise Stevenson
IT Assistant Mr Henry Clemson (Mon, Thur, Fri)
Diversity Team Mrs Lauren Anderiesz - EMU - Year 3 Mrs Hilary Smith– EMU - Year 1
Mrs Elisa Speranza (Tue-Fri)
Mrs Kath Noble (Mon-Wed) Mrs Jennie Cerniauskas (Mon-Wed & Fri)
Mrs Suzy Kirby- Reading Recovery
Miss Vivian Mikhael (Tue-Thur)
Miss Erin Ho (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Victoria Dihka (Tues & Thurs)
Reading Recovery Mrs Suzy Kirby
Extending Mathematical Mrs Lauren Anderiesz
Understanding (EMU): Mrs Hilary Smith
School Counsellor: Mrs Sara Kennedy (7 days per fortnight )
Teacher Assistants Mrs Diane Gauci (Mon-Fri)
Mrs Alyson Hanson (Mon-Fri)
Mrs Judi Cundy (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Jo Martin (Mon-Thur)
Mrs Sandii Bahari (Mon-Fri)
Music/Dance/Drama (RFF) Mrs Melissa Laus (Tues - Thurs)
Mrs Elisa Speranza (Year 3)
Physical Education (RFF) Fit Futures
Cleaning Staff Golden Touch Cleaning – Sam Pioz Director / Ben - Current Cleaner
Maintenance/Grounds Mr Peter Wood (Mon, Wed & Fri 7:30am-3pm)
Canteen Operator Mrs Farideh Moussa