We are committed to integrity and justice, to developing a happy and safe environment and to nurturing an inner spirit of delight in life and learning.

The community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel lives by the Gospel values and embraces the diversity of people and cultures. We are committed to fostering the growth and development of each student by developing self-discipline and value based decision-making skills. Children are taught to make appropriate choices and take responsibility for their actions.

Our Pastoral Care and Student Management Policy is based upon the principles that lead to Positive Behaviour Support. Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a broad range of whole school, group and individual strategies for achieving significant social and learning outcomes, while minimising problem behaviours. It is positive, proactive and focuses upon developing solutions and success for all in the learning environment.

The community of OLMC believes we all have the right to feel safe at all times, and the responsibility to ensure the safety of others.

The community of OLMC is safe and respectful

While Positive Behaviour Support is a whole-school approach, it puts the individual at the centre and aims to enhance the relationships within our community of learners.

Positive Behaviour Support is underpinned by six key principles:

  1. a common purpose and approach to discipline
  2. a clear set of positive expectations and behaviours
  3. procedures for teaching expected behaviour
  4. a continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviour
  5. a continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate behaviours
  6. suspension or exclusion of a student in the event of an extreme incident at school
  7. procedures for ongoing monitoring and evaluation


Procedural Fairness

At Our Lady of Mount Carmel School the principles of procedural fairness underpin:

  • The procedures for the management of behaviour in the classroom and on the playground.
  • The management of bullying in the school and the support we give to the person/s hurt.
  • The approach to exclusion and suspension of children should we ever have to manage such situations. In these cases, we would involve Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta personnel and follow the guidelines for such serious situations found in the Diocesan Policy ‘Procedures to be followed in the suspension and expulsion of students from Catholic Schools’(revised 2013).

Safe and Supportive Environment

The following practices are followed to provide a safe and supportive environment at OLMC:

  • Children are accompanied by another child when delivering a message to a staff member.
  • Children are accompanied by another child should there be need to use the toilets during class time.
  • Should teachers wish to discuss a matter with a child within the classroom or playground setting, such interviews must be conducted in line of sight of other children or people.
  • Should interviews need to be conducted in executive offices, doors are to remain open unless the child’s parent is present.

For more information about how we create a safe and respectful OLMC community, see our school's Pastoral Care and Student Management Policy.