Support Programs

At Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we believe in forming a collaborative community where the diversity and individuality of each person is respected and celebrated.


Pastoral care

Through our pastoral care program the dignity of each person and a sense of personal responsibility are promoted. We are committed to integrity and justice, to developing a happy and safe environment and to nurturing an inner spirit of delight in life and learning.

Our underlying philosophy is that the Community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is safe and respectful.

In order to ensure that OLMC is a safe and respectful school, we offer the following activities and programs:

  • buddies (Kindergarten & Year 5, Year 1 & Year 6)
  • cooperative learning skills
  • the Protective Behaviours Program (Kindergarten - Year 6)
  • the Student Representative Council (SRC) Year 2 -Year 5
  • school leaders (Year 6)
  • sports leaders (Year 6)
  • merit & award ceremonies
  • Star Card certificates – Bronze Awards, Silver Awards, Community Service Award, & Principals’ Gold Award

Learning Opportunities

Our Lady of Mount Carmel values diversity and welcomes all learners in an accepting and supportive environment.

We acknowledge differences in learning styles, rates of learning, strengths and needs. The Learning Support Team at our school is committed to providing support, resources and programs to encourage each student to reach their potential, in a nurturing environment.

Our aims are to:

  • provide learning support to students with additional learning needs
  • enhance basic literacy and numeracy skills, as they are the foundation of all learning
  • use ongoing assessment to monitor the progress and changing needs of the student
  • support classroom teachers in planning, instructional and behavioural strategies to promote positive and enrichment learning experiences
  • support and involve parents in the education of their child
  • liaise with other professionals involved in the care of the student

Support Programs

For students who require additional learning support, we provide:

  • Reading Recovery (Year One)
  • a levelled Literacy Intervention Program
  • Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) (Year One & Year Three)
  • a Learning Support Program
  • counselling services

Opportunity Programs

For students who would benefit from being extended beyond the classroom, we provide:

  • Tournament of Minds (Years 5 & 6)
  • Maths Olympiad (Years 4, 5 & 6)
  • ICAS Competitions - English, Mathematics, Science & Technology
  • School Band and Instrument lessons (additional fee)


We invite you to explore our website, and encourage you to contact us today to learn more.