Celebrating Our Fathers

This week we take the opportunity to celebrate our fathers, grandfathers and father figures in our lives. Fathers play an important role in the life of their children and shaping who they become as a human. The impact a father has on his children can never be underestimated. A father’s influence is lifelong. There are many situations in my adult life that I think of what my father would have advised or how would he have done something.

Our fathers, among many things, are our: 

mentors, protectors, advocates, cheer squad, judges, masters of mischief, comforters, doctor, wrestling partners,...

There is no one model of the ultimate father. However,  there are many who inspire us like Jesus’ father Joseph. Each father has his strengths and challenges and is the perfect father for his children. Being a father is the most challenging and most rewarding thing a man can do.  

At the Fathers’ Day Stall yesterday the children took so much pleasure selecting the perfect gift for the most important man in their life. We look forward to welcoming these special men at our annual Parents and Friends Fathers' Day Breakfast.We hope that all our fathers and father figures enjoy the attention of their families this weekend and we offer this prayer to you...



Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of a father

Who has been an inspiration

Through his love and dedication.

Just as you sent your Son to show 

the world your love for us as a father,

We pray that you will send

Your spirit upon our fathers

That they may be strengthened

As they guide and support their families.

Amen                                               E.Huard