Heading for Giving Thanks

Last week I was officially appointed as the Principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. Putting yourself forward for a position like this is a big decision requiring deep consideration. There were many thoughts I reflected on as I was compiling my submission…

  • Am I able to lead this community into the future?

  • Am I the right person to lead this community?

  • How can I nurture the catholicity of this community?

During my interview I was asked why I decided to apply for the principalship of OLMC. This was the easiest question to answer. I applied because of my commitment to the people in this community. I am committed to the children and want to support their growth as learners and considerate catholics. I am committed to the staff who strive day in and out to make a difference in the lives of their students. I am committed to supporting the parents as we share the goal of providing the best education possible for the children. I am committed to supporting the work of Fr Denis and our Carmelite priests of building a strong faith community who hold Jesus at the core of what we do.

Since the announcement  of my appointment I have been overwhelmed and affirmed by the positive response of the staff, students and parents of our community. I would like to offer thanks for your kind words of congratulations and know that I can count on your continued support of our shared mission.



Prayer of Commitment

God of passion,

You call us to be people of commitment:

Making a difference in our world through our work in this school.

Set alight the fire within us

That we may live out our convictions

With our head, our heart and our hands.

We ask this in the name of Jesus our teacher.