Glow and grow as we transform together

It is with great excitement that our school theme for the 2018 school year is “GLOW & GROW AS WE TRANSFORM TOGETHER”.

This theme provides us with a challenge to….

  • glow through and in our personal and school achievements; our ability to identify as individuals, grades and school our strengths; acknowledge skills that we can confidently perform in various situations and share these with all who we meet on a daily basis; and

  • grow through setting achievable goals with the support of feedback from our peers, colleagues and teachers so as to improve ourselves and support others in their growth

thus transforming together as a school community.

We can only generally transform with the support, encouragement and feedback of others and through a growth mindset.  

Recently, whilst Year 6 were at Camp Collaroy I presented the cohort with a plant (vine) during a communion service and challenged them to transform the plant (vine) from its existing shape to something different by the end of the year.  I spoke to them about how a plant only grows and glows due to the sunlight, nutrients, water and care it has received to date.  Just like plants, each of them (and us) started out small but with the LOVE, food, shelter and care we received and continue to receive from our families and others have grown to who we are today.  But our challenge is to continue transforming (changing, improving, bettering ourselves) with the assistance and support of others. Parents and families will help, but so to will the teachers, staff and other students in the Our Lady of Mount Carmel school community.  

My challenge to all in the community in 2018 is to share our glows (things we are good at and have achieved), accept and acknowledge that we all need to grow to transform with the support and by supporting others.

Just as God said to Peter, James and John, “This is my son, listen to him”, my challenge to all in the school community is, these are your colleagues, parents, friends, fellow students; listen to them and their feedback so we can all…

Glow and Grow as we transform together.