Trinity Sunday

When most of us were tiny children we were taught how to make the sign of the Cross. With our right hand we touch our forehead, our breast and our shoulders. As we do this we say....

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.

Symbolically we:

  • open our minds  - our forehead
  • we open our hearts - our breast, and
  • we open all our strength - our shoulders….

to the wonder of our God – Father, Son and Spirit.

Last Sunday we celebrated the Feast of the Trinity. It is the feast of the Sign of the Cross – Father, Son and Spirit, three persons but one God. One God who is signified in the sign we make every time we pray so that God will enlighten our minds, open our hearts and strengthen us so that we can live good lives and bring dignity to the lives of other people.

It was fitting that last week we also celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation in our Parish. The children being confirmed were acknowledging the promises made on their behalf at their Baptism and saying yes to these promises for themselves. As Catholics, we believe that in Confirmation we are bestowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Fr Ron explained to the children the qualities of each gift. Saying that the gift ‘Fear of the Lord’ can be confusing but it refers to having wonder and awe in the Lord not about being afraid of Him. We congratulate all those who received the Sacrament of Confirmation and ask God through the Holy Spirit to guide and care for these children.